This year i was crowned Miss Teenage Camrose County 2014. It was never my intention of this year and looking back to February of last year i probably wouldn’t have wanted to. The whole pretty, glamours girly girl stuff isn’t me but i decided to give it a go. I left my country girl, tomboy ways just long enough to pull off a title. I was surprised but not at the same time. The whole thing for me was just a learning experience to try new things and i know this is probably said a lot but i would have been just as happy even without winning a title. I have met some great people and experienced things, as well as i have continued to experience things  that i will never forget. This coming July will be by far one of the most memorable things i have ever done and i am so very ecstatic to be going to Toronto and meeting all of the other lovely girls who have worked just as hard as myself to earn this.

It is mandatory for me to blog so starting today i will be posting a blog every Wednesday about my random endeavours. Of course all of them will be way longer then this one i just thought i would give you a little taste of my horrible blogging skills that will become better with time. By the end of this i will be a full blown blogger. Thanks in advance for reading my posts.


Written by: Paige

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